My Favourite and least Favourite place in school

My Favourite place in school

My favourite place is the Bottom Yard because you can play on the playground and there is a sandpit. My favourite part of the bottom yard is the oval because you can play sports like football, soccer, and all other sports. My favourite sport to play on the oval is soccer because we have lots of space to play on.  My second favourite sport to play on the oval is football because you  can kick the ball far. My last favourite thing is the the sandpit because you can make water streams and holes which you can fill up with water. My favourite thing to do in the sandpit is make tunnels so the water flows through the tunnels.

My least favourite place in school

My least favourite part in school is the toilet because it is all smelly and disgusting and the doors don’t lock. People throw toilet paper on the roof and some of the toilet seats have fallen off and people sometimes don’t flush!

Thank you for reading my favourite and least favourite part in school bye!!!!!

My Favourite Animal


Classification: The baby pigs group name is called a drift and the older pigs group name is sounder and the scientific name is Sus. There are sixteen different types of species like Wild Boars, Warthogs,domestic pigs and more.

Description: Pigs are hoofed mammals with short legs, stocky bodies and large heads. Pigs have long round snots and it has large nostrils. Warthogs have a pair of tusks.

Habitat: Pigs live in Forests, Woodland, Grasslands and Farms.

Diet: Pigs eat grass, Fruits, Fungi, Insects, Worms, Mice and scraps.

Behavior: Pigs are intelligent animals and quite fast on their feet and they have very good hearing. Pigs have a very good sense of smell to help them find food buried in the ground.

Botanical Gardens and Migration Museum

Botanical Gardens

On Monday 25th of September we went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens and the Migration Museum. First we went to the botanical Gardens and we had brain food strait away and I had apple.Two magpies tried to poop on us and try to steal our food. The tour guides name was Karen. The first plant we saw was a River Red Gum tree with a hole in it where the aboriginal people calved wood to make shields and canoes and they used those leaves to make medicine the green leaves are the ones they used but the brown one are the old ones that have no eucalyptus in it because it is broken. the brown one had more smell but the green one  actually smells more.

The second tree we saw was the grass tree and that was used for spears the spikes was used for bread and flour to bake cake and the third tree we saw was a fig tree and we had to find figs to open them to see what was in side and the figs that were purple are the easiest ones and the green one is really hard to open because they aren’t ripe yet. Then we went into the Australian forest and the first tree we saw in there is a tree that grubs live in and the Aboriginal men get a stick or a spear to catch a grub to eat for a quick meal on the run and anther tree we saw is the bottle tree the bottle tree has water in it so the Aboriginal men get something to brake a little whole in it to have a drink of water.

  Migration Museum

After the Botanical Gardens we went to the Migration Museum. At the Migration Museum we saw an old hospital with names of baby’s that was born and the baby’s that had black writing that means that those baby’s had died. We saw food that the people that was living in the hospital like what they had for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and there was bread that bugs in it and they had to eat it. Then we went into the real museum and we saw real swords and real Guns (Which was AWESOME!!!) and we saw a map which had all different names on it and then we went into a room with all secret doors and we had to look through some of them. then we went into another room and there was a thing to spin and I span it an there is a little bit of glass that you can see some writing and a picture. Then we left the Migration Museum.

The End 

At the end we went back to the Botanical Gardens and had lunch and had a play and we played soccer and then we went on the bus back to school (The Excursion went for the whole entire day) Thank you for reading my Excursion to The Botanical Gardens and the Migration Museum. 🙂

My Favouite Bosses in Terraria

  1. Eye Of Cthulhu- I like the Eye Of Cthulhu because it has two forms and the second form charges and it has minions called servants of Cthulhu.
  2. Plantera-I like plantera because it streches out to you and it has a second form
  3. The Twins- I like the twins because it has two eyes one charges and one shoots lasers.
  4. wall of flesh- I like the wall of flesh because it shoots lasers at you and you fight it in the underworld.
  5. Destroyer-I like the destroyer because it shoots lasers at you and it is mechanical boss.

Bucket List

  1. Get a PS4.
  2. Be a youtuber.
  3. Be really good at football.
  4. Kick long goals in soccer.
  5. Be really good at Terraria.
  6. Be really good at drawing.
  7.  Have a pet chicken.
  8. Have a servant.
  9. Get a really cool car.
  10. Build really cool things on Minecraft.
  11. Be better at video games then my friend Tom (which I already am but I want to be way better.
  12. Hold a baby chicken.
  13. Have lots of money.
  14. Make my own video game.
  15. Play lots of hunger games.

My Epic Holiday

In the Holidays Tom and Alex came over to my house. First Tom arrived at my house. Then when he came in, we said, “HI” before we ran to the playroom. then we got on my wii u while my brother Ben and Alex (Tom’s brother) were on the I I pad ,me and Tom were playing Minecraft and Terraria then Tom and I swapped with our brothers and we went on the I pad. Tom and I played Pixel Gun 3D, Roblox, Drive ahead and Clash Royale. Then Tom joined my clan I like trains on Clash Royale.

We played the I pad and the wii u for one hour then for the last hour, we played nerf wars Tom and I got three guns and I  got were the Retaliator, the cyclone shock and the Falcon fire. The brothers got four guns because we are older.

The rules are no head shots only sholders down and you can’t shoot people in their bases there is reload time your team mate has to protect you so you can’t reload and to and to win the other team has to surrender. No one surrendered so when Tom and Alex had to go we had to check who got the most shots  Tom and I won 16-8. We had to pick up all the bullets because they were everywhere.

Then Tom to go.When Tom left I found of his bullets on the floor so we had to give it back at school. When he left Ben and I got to have 1 hour mare technology.


Book Week!

Book Week

In week two, 25th of August was the Book Week parade and I went as David Warner from the KABOOM KID!I wore gloves and knee pads a white shirt and white pants  The two people who got interviewed were James and Isabel.

Tom my friend went as Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy kid and my other friend went as Ripley from Pixel Raiders and in that book there are two characters Mei and Ripley (Rip for short) and in that book you go in different dimensions and in Tom’s book there are two character Greg and Rowley.

The class that went first was the other 3\4 class we were about 5th and my brother dressed up as Luke Skywalker from starwars and he was holding a lightsaber and had a Yoda backpack. My brothers friend went as Andy Griffiths and he was from the 78 story tree house and he wore a bowtie and a black suit  and Tom’s brother went as Andy Griffiths but from the 65 AND he had a snake arond his neck and it was yellow with red spots and black strips and he was wearing a black top and black pants and black shoes.

The End

Sports Day:)!


In term two week 1 we had sports day and the first thing we did was get on the bus then we got to Santos stadium got into teams and showed the other teams our team chants and health hustle then we did the hoop relay then we had recess and brain food at the same time and then we did another activity which was hurdles and I came first I just beat my friend by one second then in sprints I came second. my favourite activity was 400 metre because someone was behind me then I sprinted and just beat him then my mum picked me up then we went to the cafe with my friend Andrei yay and we played goat simulator. THE END!